Spa for Your Soul: 4 Lessons to Clear Away Anxiety, Bad Moods and Stress

Overwhelmed? Doing too much? Barrelling forward with no clear path? Whatever overload looks like for you, this course will help you slow down, re-prioritize and live your best life.


The Renewal Series: Balance is Bullshit!

Balance is Bullshit! Trying to find balance? STOP! This perfect state of balance we all seek doesn't exist! Balance is unique to each of us. Join me to identify your unique sense of balance & leave with a practical tool to finally achieve it.


The Renewal Series: Kill Your Inner Hyena!

Kill Your Inner Hyena! How much time do you think you spend criticizing yourself? You probably wouldn't talk to your best friend that way. Isn't it time you stopped talking smack about yourself??


The Renewal Series: Got Your Tongue?

Conflict is inevitable whether at home, at work or with friends. Want to make having those 'hard" conversations easier? Join me to get my three step process for conflict resolution.


The Renewal Series: Celebrate Your Wins, Achieve Greater Success

This powerful webinar will help you identify your success strategies, so that you can replicate them over and over again. It's like being someone with super powers!


The Renewal Series: Extraordinary Goal Setting — Creating Resolutions that Stick

Do you get excited about the new year and all it has to offer, but find yourself breaking your resolutions only a few weeks later? This webinar will give you a simple tool to create and stick to your resolutions once and for all!